Friday, June 1, 2012

Refrigerator Tea

It's summer.  OK, maybe technically not for a few more weeks, but it's summer here in Connecticut.  And in the summer, i love iced tea.  Lately especially, as i've been looking to drink more water, drink less soda and not add calories.  Unsweetened iced tea has become my go-to for dining out, but making it at home is a time consuming process (although VERY delicious!) and heats up our kitchen.

Enter Refrigerator Tea!  The actual time involved is mere minutes (filling a mason jar and adding tea bags), although the wait time is 6-12 hours.  It's really, really easy and very good.

Step 1.  Grab a mason jar and fill it with water.
Step 2.  Add some teabags.  Let the tabs dangle outside the jar, don't stick them in the water.
Step 3.  Close the lid.
Step 4.  Stick it in the fridge and wait 6-12 hours.
Step 5.  Enjoy!

I suggest using 1-2 teabags per cup of tea, depending on the strength you enjoy and how long it sits.  I plan on experimenting soon with adding some flavors for even more delicious soon!

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