Monday, June 4, 2012


I am, at heart, a dirty tree hugging kind of girl.  Despite my love of technology, efficiency and comfort, i really do care about the environment and love my garden.  Although i am insanely in love with my town's single stream recycling policy, we still generate 2-3 bags of trash per week when we're not being careful or do a real clean of things.  I try to buy recycled products, and pay attention to the Reduce & Reuse parts too, but there are always spots we can improve on.

So this weekend, after wanting an fancy and expensive composter for several years, i said screw it.

Thanks to Pintrest, we followed this method, and for the price of a plastic tote, now have a compost bin ready to take our food scraps and turn them into happy dirt.

We also now have an airtight plastic bin labelled 'compost' on the kitchen counter as well.  I'm hoping with it in eyesight we'll be good about using (and emptying) it.  So far we've added a banana peel, some tomato scraps, kale stems and the ends to some asparagus.

This weekend we also picked up a recycle bucket for the dear husband's office, to encourage him to recycle paper from bills and and the like, but also the plastic italian ice cups he loves during the summer months and other things that can be recycled.  I think one of the most important steps in greening your life is creating systems that make it easy.  If it means more buckets than so be it!

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