Thursday, June 28, 2012

Not this week (Routines)

This week has been crazy town work-wise, with long days and field work every single day.  Field work means a different schedule (often coming in early and/or leaving late) as well as not necessarily being able to eat breakfast or lunch because of the environment.  That can create a tired, cranky, hungry girl at the end of the day!

So while i've been thinking about routines and systems, i've not been able to consistently implement anything yet.  I have been keeping my sink shiny, something Ian teased me for on Tuesday.

Since tomorrow begins around 4:15 AM, I'm hoping to spend some time in the afternoon working on some menu planning and scheduling from the comfort of my couch (potentially after a nap).  I promise i am working on this stuff though!

As for the blog, i've created a Twitter account, so you can follow along as i attempt to do my various projects.  You can find me there as DomestiGeeky!  I'd love some followers and folks to chat with and learn from!

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