Saturday, June 23, 2012

Farm Share Week 1

So here's what i did with my delicious produce from the first week of my CSA through Fair Weather Acres, a beautiful and delicious haul!

Spinach (1 lb)
  • Omelettes with spinach and swiss cheese and Farmer's Cow eggs (see picture).  Pretty proud of actually making an omelette that didn't turn into scrambled eggs, but could of been more patient and cooked it a tad longer.
  • Cut up a ciabatta roll and layered herbed goat cheese, fresh spinach and roasted red pepper as a fancy late afternoon snack.
  • Threw some in a salad for Saturday & Sunday dinners
  • Cut some up and ate it with slices of turkey for a lunch on Monday & Tuesday.
Strawberries (1 qt)
  • Ate some straight out of the container they were SO GOOD i snacked on them consistently.
  • Strawberry shortcake for Father's Day using home made Cream Biscuits from the Fannie Farmer cookbook and whipped cream from scratch.  I wish i took a picture of these, they looked so pretty in my mom's blue bowls!

Parsley (1 bunch)

  • Looking to use it soon, if not will dry it.

Rainbow chard (1 bunch) 
  • Pickled the stems with a modified version of this recipe.  They are not kidding in calling this rainbow chard!  They are gorgeous!
  • Going to sautee the greens with the beet leaves maybe?
Turnips (2)
  • Cut 1/2 of the larger turnips into french fry shapes and roasted with some herbs in the oven.  Came out tasty, but could of cooked longer.  Amazingly low cal!
Beets (1 bunch)
  • Tried to make beet chips with the actual beet part, but they all came out burnt.  Looks like i'll have a chance at redemption this week as we'll be getting more.  The ones i didn't burn came out tasty!
  • Pickled the stalks using this recipe.  
  • Saute the greens with the chard?  Or just combine this week's haul with the next for a larger serving?
Romaine lettuce (1 head)
  • Saturday & Sunday dinner salad with tomatoes, spinach, cucumber, peas and chick peas.
Bok choy (1 head)

Tomatoes (2)
  • Saturday & Sunday dinner salad, basic but tasty!

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