Saturday, June 30, 2012

A Day Off and Next Week's Plan

Today I have the day 'off'.  After a 55+ hour work week Duncan has decided to let me relax and do what i want this weekend.  He's wonderful like that.  So what am i doing with this time to relax?

At the moment cleaning.  So far this morning:

* Morning Routine (although i am dressed in hang around the house clothes)
* Folded and put away the laundry
* Upstairs trash & recycling emptied
* Kitchen trash & recycling emptied
* Dishwasher running (It's SO HOT today and i feel guilty not waiting until after 8 to run it, but the heat had made things start to mold, lesson learned)
* Pitched attempt at indoor herb garden.  The containers didn't allow for drainage and stuff just rotted.  I think i'll try something more creative next time.
* Lunch box hand washed, Lucky's waterbowl washed and sink returned to shiny.
* Kitchen trashcan hosed off and drying outside
* Under the bed storage purged of some junk
* Serious sweeping and dusting of bedroom, including under furniture
* Bedroom & Landing windows, mirrors and other glass cleaned
* Hung some new art and a set of shelves in the bedroom
* Organized the linen closet with labels and everything
* Swept the stairs

Now i'm tired and have decided i deserve something from Dunkin Donuts and to peruse the latest book i picked up: Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving.  I'm hoping to make some pickles and maybe more things as i learn.

Here is my plan for next week, which, even with the holiday, will be a little challenging routine wise, but WAY closer to normal.

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