Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Kitchens of the Future... Or Not

I just finished reading The Real Kitchen of the Future Won’t Involve Sous-Vide over on Slate, and it really made me think.  I'm a gadget loving girl, for sure, but what do i really use in my kitchen?  What do i wish i had for making some jobs easier or to improve the quality of my food?

* Knives (i'm slowly learning to use more than just a little paring knife, thanks to my friends and spouse)
* Cutting boards, both plastic and wood
* Basic Pots and pans
* The crockpot
* The mixer - SO MUCH LOVE for my Kitchen Aid!
* My breadmaker, though less with my current diet plan, because i'm eating less bread.
* Mixing bowls, mostly plastic or old Pyrex/FireKing
* Pyrex casserole dishes
* Baking sheets with Silpats or parchment paper
* Mason jars

I infrequently use my blender, and have never used the pasta maker my spouse bought, though he has 2 or 3 times.  For special occasions we use the fondue set.  For a few recipes involving nuts i use the mini chopper thingy.  Once in a while i use the double boiler, and very rarely my dutch oven.

Some of this may be because i tend to cook simpler recipes.  I hope to continue learning new skills and adventuring more, but there is a balance between taking on those challenges and still needing dinner at the end of the day!

So what's essential in your kitchen?  What tools could you not survive without, and what gets dusty in the cabinets?

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