Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Progressing towards peacefulness

The problem with decluttering is you can't always just make things go away immediately.  I've decided to have a tag sale, but it's almost 2 months away.  All the books and things were piling up in my living room, making me feel stressed and annoyed.

So last night i moved everything to the garage before it rained.  It also meant i moved a few items in the garage to the go-away pile.  i am excited and hopeful that we really are making a dent in the unnecessary possessions by going through this process.

With the tag sale, my intention is getting everything to the garage (or everything i can reasonably get there) by mid May, giving me a week or two to organize and price things.

Moving items meant that once the husband goes through the remaining electronics, the only category remaining in the living room will be board games/toys.  That will be a quick & easy one!

I was able to spend a little time making space for my altar, as part of the The Sacred Feminine Intensive.  It's taken me some time to find the right items and that is still in-process.  I have been making sure i do some of the breathing exercises daily and getting in some movement.  I haven't been perfect at it, but it's also some additional reinforcement on the healthy eating side of things.

Speaking of healthy eating, this week's lunch is Mason Jar Cucumber (Noodle) Salad.  I got lazy and just cut my cucumbers.  It's quite good and very filling.

I feel as if the work on the house and healthier habits leads me to feeling more relaxed.  Even knowing i have a fairly busy night planned for myself is not stressful knowing it all is going towards the things i want to work on.  Maybe it is just the happy breathing the intensive suggests, but this work feels good.

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