Friday, April 10, 2015

Getting More Done in a Day

4 days of getting up early.  4 days of starting the day the same way - a bath, reminding myself each day i start clean & new, meditation, journaling and then some thinks over a healthy breakfast.  I clean the pans and head to work.

Work has been slow, but i still feel like i'm making things happen.  I'm getting very diligent about putting my ideas into Remember The Milk, so that when i go home i know what needs to be done.  I know tonight i have a little over 2 hours of things to do, although that includes making dinner (which is already a known thing and ingredients have been bought).  Most are very minor things, like getting gas on the way home, getting & sorting the mail, and running the dishwasher.

The time for the small stuff adds up, but getting them done is often quick and means less stress later.  Running the dishwasher daily, for example, means everything is clean & ready in the morning.  No annoyance of not having the thing i want ready to go.

This life is comfortable.  I am working hard, without a doubt.  I realized last night i was actively doing until after dinner, around 7 PM.  Since i started at 5 AM, that's a long day!  But i also had so much to show for it - 2 crammed boxes of yard reduced to 1 with plenty of space, a yummy & healthy dinner for Duncan and i, honey & orange lip balm made, some minor edits to my altar space completed, errands run, and more.

At the end of the day, yes, i am tired.  It's a good tired though.  Not the tired of boredom and lazy, the tired of knowing my brain and body have done good work and now it is time to rest.  I sleep more soundly, even with my pregnant body making that more difficult.

Today my morning has kept the same flow.  I watched one of the videos for the intensive, and will start to focus on the Queen/Mother archetype Monday, when i've gotten through the rest of the videos for this section.  Work is picking up, which is nice.  The weekend has fun and busy, which will keep my spirits up without sacrificing my progress.

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