Monday, March 30, 2015

A cake, talk, and meal prep

A Cake!
Here is a picture of the completed cake.  Ian made the sign/flag to go with it.  It's a combination of marshmallow fondant and butter cream frostings, and we used a chocolate ganache inside they layers.

The party went very well - good food, happy kids, really that's all you need.  There were a few near melt downs, but that's expected in this age group!

I had my first unexpected belly touches at the party on Saturday, all from my not-in-laws.  They all wished me well and were happy there will be more babies around this summer.

Afterwards i was very exhausted!

Sunday was not quite as early a start, but it was a very productive day!  I decluttered my desk drawers and a few shelves in the basement.  I had fallen into a common trap - if things are neatly organized, then the quantity doesn't matter.  But having 10 stickers for an organization i don't much care for?  Why?  This process of letting things go is not always simple, but i'm feeling more and more comfortable in my home.  Things feel easier.

I am hoping to spend time tomorrow night moving things to the garage, which will be a base of operations until we hold a tag sale in May.  Right now there are piles in the living room and i don't like that.

Sunday also involved some relationship talk time (exhausting but necessary) and weekly grocery shop & meal prep.  All told i made 11 smoothie packets for breakfasts, 5 snacks, and 5 salads for lunches.  I also made a nice salad for dinner and an actual dinner.  The process is another one that takes a lot of energy and effort but with a great payoff. I eat healthier and have so much more time during the week.  Throwing my "leftover" ingredients into the salad was a great decision i hope to do more consistently going forward.

Alas, a poor night's sleep last night meant i slept much later than i intended to this  morning.  I need to work on finding the balance between getting enough sleep so i feel good and being able to wake up early enough, especially if i am to really commit to the intensive program i'm about to start on.

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