Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Every Day I Try

Yesterday was, in theory, my first full day following the "rules" of the Sacred Feminine Intensive.  My altar is still missing a few things, and there is still a little here & there to do, but it was ready enough that i'd soon be delaying in the name of perfection.

I mentioned previously about the challenge of food stuffs, and yesterday the challenge won.  I ate a candy bar.  And then too much eggplant parm.  And chicken.  And bread.  And some more candy.  Just grazed all evening on too much junk.  Then i went to bed, tired and feeling bad.

So today i try again.  Breakfast was once again pretty healthy - a little quinoa with a quarter of an avocado, some mushroom and kale cooked up and 2 eggs.  I have a mason jar salad ready for lunch.  I think the amount of grains in both is probably alright, particularly since quinoa is a pretty healthy grain.  Plus lots of good greens!

I have a plan for a snack & dinner, and even dessert (banana "ice cream").  All very plant based and healthy.

Today being a new day and another chance was my focus.  When i bathed i told myself i was washing off yesterday and starting clean again.

I hope to use this evening for productivity as well, going back to my project in the basement as i declutter and organize.  I haven't made any progress since Saturday.  Even an hour or two is making a huge difference in getting things done, and it's such tangible progress i feel really proud.

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