Thursday, April 9, 2015

3 days of 5 AM

Today is the 3rd day of getting up at 5 AM and doing the morning ritual.  There are bugs to work out, without a doubt, but i am finding a flow.

Most of the glitches are minor - like putting on my work clothes, then sitting on the floor at the altar and getting a little dusty.  Or the cat meowing as i try to meditate.  Some of these i can control, others are just things to accept.  I made some notes in my Remember The Milk list for tonight to change a few details that may help.

Alas, i also think i need about 5-10 more minutes, so tomorrow the alarm goes backwards to 4:55.

I did much better managing food yesterday.  Lots of veggies at every meal.  Today i finished planning my meals for next week and it's another week full of greens and healthy.  I intend to do a bulk cook for the meats again.  It has been helpful, and since it's often the thing that makes me take longer too cook a meal, i don't mind it just getting done all at once.

Which leads to a conversation i had with Mich this morning about ease.  Planning my meals, pre-cooking elements, makes eating healthier so much easier (aside from overcoming the temptation of the drive thru).  Having less clothes to look through makes it so much easier to get dressed.  My purse having a distinct home makes it easier to find and go out.  Using RTM for all my to-do's makes it easier for me to be productive and plan my evenings.

I am working, but it's toward a simpler life.  I feel as if i am getting more done at once, and making the day flow easier.  The more i do the more i feel a sense of freedom about my home life.  Having less stuff helps, but also places for things to go, and making a habit of putting things away when i'm done with them.  It's an extra step, but an extra step that provides calm and assurance that the things i need will be ready & waiting for me.

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