Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Skirts & Packages

Ok, don't jump to conclusions with that title!

So Namaste recently launched a monthly magazine, Kama, Cara & Chol.  She is the woman who put together the Sacred Feminine Intensive i've been working through.

In the magazine she offered up a challenge - 30 days of skirts & dresses.  She didn't offer any hard & fast rules beyond that.  Because of my career & hobbies i can not exclusively wear skirts or dresses - pants are required on job sites for safety.  I decided to give myself a few little guidelines and take up the challenge.

So, my guidelines:

  • From this past Sunday, May 10, until June 9, i will consciously choose to wear a skirt or dress for at least some of the day.
  • Nightgowns count as dresses.
  • I'll aim to take a picture every day, in a skirt or dress.
  • I won't be wearing a skirt or dress where it would be inappropriate (construction sites) or uncomfortable (hiking).
So far i am 3 days in, and 3 for 3.  I've stuck with shorter skirts, in part because we're in summer weather!  I've felt some self consciousness balancing the length of the skirt and the positions i find myself sitting in to be comfortable.  The denim skirt i'm wearing now has a little less mobility than the jersey skirt i had on Sunday, and enforces a more traditional "ladylike" posture.  

In other news, the big box of medical stuff for the baby's birth arrived yesterday.  I was sort of surprised by how small it was.  Everything was neatly organized and arranged.  It made things feel more real than ever that i may very well birth this baby at home.  I've been slowly but surely stocking up on things we'll need in the house, items needed for the birth kit and whatnot.  This simple brown box though was definitely a little bit of a wake up call though.  This is real.  In the next 2-3 months i am having a baby.  Probably at home.  

I am so unprepared.  

I will keep working.  I will get things done.  I will keep cleaning, organizing, making space.  I will keep taking care of my body and learning the skills i will need not just for labor but life with a tiny human.  I will fall down sometimes and i will mess up and i will make peace with that.  

I can do this.  I will do this.

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