Thursday, October 20, 2011

Weekday Morning Routine

Working full time means I need to be in the office for 8 AM, sometimes earlier.  Luckily, I live 10-15 minutes from the office, depending on traffic, most of which is based around the middle school, which happens to be located on the end of my street.  I enjoy feeling productive in the morning, but really enjoy the quiet that comes with the start of the day as well.  My typical morning routine lasts about 50 minutes and looks like this:

  • 10 minute snooze I know, some folks are very anti-snooze button, but I enjoy the few minutes of slowly coming to start the day.
  • Make the bed I always forget how much nicer the room looks, and how good it feels at night to climb into bed when it's already made.  Also, when you make it every day it's easier to keep making it every day.
  • Bathroom time All that important stuff like teeth brushing and doing my hair.  I also do a Swish & Swipe every morning.  If there is one habit worth doing, it's this.  It keeps my vanity and toilet super clean.  I usually use a cleaning wipe rather than a rag, because I like the disinfectant, but it doesn't matter.  Sometimes I will clean around the tub as well, but only if the vanity is already pretty clean.
  • Get dressed I've been laying out my clothes the night before, usually right after I do the next day's agenda.  This has really helped me with laundry and saving time, as I'm not looking for something in the dark or that pair of jeans only to find they're in the wash.  
  • Feed the cat Seriously, if I missed this he won't let me forget.
  • Clean the litter box Doing this daily started as a pain, but it only takes 3-5 minutes tops.  I keep a stash of bags next to it, so I just scoop and carry to the trash.  It also makes the house smell better.
  • Eat breakfast & check today's plan When I make my breakfast I also take my lunch out of the fridge and stick it next to my purse, so I don't forget it.  My morning review includes my Remember the Milk list for items that are due that day, Google Calendar for appointments and my daily folder (already stashed on the table!). I also use this time to check on social networking sites, post happy birthdays to friends and read email.  In the winter I sometimes get blue, so I turn on my "magic light" to help boost my mood.
  • Clean up breakfast & GO!  I make a rule of ensuring I've cleaned up my dishes before I go to work, so I don't come home to the cat having dragged a yogurt lid around the house.

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