Saturday, October 22, 2011

Launch Pad

My Launch Pad
One idea that FlyLady, and many other people recommend for helping make your day to day life easier is creating a launch pad.  A launch pad is a designated spot where you keep the things you need every day, so you're not looking for your keys or phone.  A launch pad also helps you remember to bring that report or change of clothes when your schedule is a little different.  This is something you sort of have to teach yourself to create as a habit.  If you don't make it a routine things won't always be in the same place.

My launch pad is the top of my radiator in the kitchen (see the picture).  It's above my cat's food, so I see it every morning and night when I feed him, and it is close to the back door, which is how I normally come and go.

In the morning, when I make my breakfast, I also place my lunchbox there, so it's with my purse.  I haven't forgotten my lunch yet!  I try to put anything I'll need to bring with my when I go out at my launch pad.  Still, I haven't made this habit 100% yet, but that's OK.  I just need to keep trying!

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