Friday, March 27, 2015

Returning with a New Self (In Progress)

I know, i know, yet another blog lying dormant and sad, unattended, unloved.

It's not my intention.  Other projects fight for my attention.  My family life gets busy.  Work requires my focus.

And i don't post.  And still don't post.  And then, forever & a day later, i remember a place i did a little writing.

Things look different in my world now.  I'm pregnant (yay!).  5 months along now.  I'm in a massive decluttering project thanks to The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo.  I'm attempting to connect to my spirituality & femininity in a different way through the The Sacred Feminine Intensive, part of the School of Feminine Transformation (S.O.F.T.) hosted by Namaste Moore.

Much of my life feels "in transition".  My body is transforming - my belly growing with the baby, my breasts changing in preparation, and my hormones shifting.  I feel softer, squishier and it's not all comfortable physically or emotionally.

My relationships are shifting.  Not just due to this pregnancy, but my loves are also pregnant (their 3rd!), and it brings with it new dynamics.  One partner is working through big life things.  My  husband is gearing up to add father to his identity and another partner is experiencing a different definition of fatherhood for himself.

My job is in transition.  I hope to take a leave of absence and return at part time.  Pregnancy is having an effect of my career.  I've been placed on desk duty to avoid exposure to the number of hazardous chemicals we work with.

And emotionally, spiritually, i feel new doors opening as others close.  A different connection to something greater than myself and a new sense of drive and creation.

We'll see if i end up blogging here more or not, but i did today.

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