Monday, August 27, 2012

I can run!

The last week has been one full of movement.

Last Saturday was the Rhythm Race, which sounded so cool. A 5K at Rentschler Field, with live music along the course and tailgating after. I've done 2 other races there, so i knew the terrain could be gravel, but would be flat. Mich, Aimee and Ian were signed up, and Duncan was going to join us as a spectator. 

It was a fail. There was hardly any music and the course was lots of loose gravel that hurt and made running a real challenge. We had split into pairs, Mich and Ian walking and Aimee & I running with the stroller, except around Mile 1 Connor just wasn't having it. We tried carrying him, walking with him, everything. No go. Aimee headed back with him, and i saw Mich and Ian as i went around a turn. They were calling it quits too, the loose gravel was just too much. I finished, 41:44, and it was hard. Tailgating after was fun, being with friends, but this race was not one i'd do again. Not even water on the course or at the finish line. I've been spoiled with HMF events.

Thursday was the 3rd Extreme Scramble (5K) with Aimee. I had field work earlier in the day, so i wasn't at my best, but the course was masochistic fun. We went across the Connecticut River twice, once across the Bulkeley Bridge and once across the Founders Bridge, both of which involve a lot of stairs. The sections along the river were nice - shady, pretty, cool, and even under the Founders Bridge there was small up and downs that were kind of fun, even if they were a challenge. When we crossed the river a second time the sun was setting and Hartford looked pretty. We ended with a time of 41:21, walking the stairs and a bit of the second bridge because i was tired. 

These two scores had me nervous, as Sunday was the Old Wethersfield 10K. But how could i avoid a race in my own town? There was a 5K too, but this big kid option... i knew i could walk the distance easy, but run it? I anticipated a time around 1:20. I was afraid we'd be last, looking at the 2011 results

Mike lectured Aimee and i on not starting too fast, pacing ourselves, all that jazz. Well, we did, and at Mile 1 i think the clock said 12:45, which was reasonable. After that, we actually made up time on each mile, so that we hit Mile 5 at almost perfectly 1:00:00 according to the marker. The course was great, through the historic areas, along the green, and the fact that we were doing a double loop wasn't even that bad, because it was so cool and flat. We walked the three water stations and that was it. Our final time was 1:12:43, meaning we averaged 11:43 per mile! It took me a little to recover at the end, but i had run a 10K! 

It's worth noting, if i had stopped to walk, i'm not sure i would of been able to run again. I felt like a machine, as long as i kept running i would stay running, but if i slowed down i was doomed. The last mile was HARD. And that afternoon i was exhausted and sore. I need to be training more and for longer distances. Of course, i also managed to bruise my right instep, so running today isn't going to happen. Probably not tomorrow either. 

I'm so thankful for Aimee, i could find so many excuses not to do these things, but they are rewarding and fun. In just under a month we'll be doing the Warrior Dash, another big challenge. And then, maybe the half marathon


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