Saturday, March 28, 2015

A Rough Night and a Good Start

Last night Aimee and i stayed up making a pirate ship cake for Connor's 4th birthday.  I can't believe he is turning FOUR!  Where did the little baby who made my heart swell go?

On the way up north, what should have taken 30 minutes took nearly 2 HOURS!  Traffic crawled and people were driving aggressively in response.  I also felt myself getting agitated, having to pee, having no option but to ride through the traffic.  My phone's prognosis told me i would get there faster if i walked!

I am still in the sort of prequel to the Sacred Feminine Intensive, gathering my materials and learning what the expectations of the program are.  One element is practicing breathing, so i used that time to do so.  I did feel calmer, more relaxed and even the pressure in my bladder seemed to fade enough for me to feel more comfortable - certainly no small feat for a pregnant lady!    

The cake is almost done.  Ian was working on a flag when i left last night around 11PM.  Two pregnant ladies, up late on a Friday, exhausted and knowing there is more to go?  We weren't as sweet as the cake, let me tell you.  But!  I think it looks awesome.  It is also a vegan and gluten-free dessert, which definitely created a little bit of a learning curve.

When i got home i was exhausted, and quickly fell asleep.

Alas, sleep was fitfull - i woke up twice (again, darned need to pee!) and the cat was being a fussbudget, meowing and pawing at the door.  I only got a few hours of sleep.  Rather than toss and turn in bed, i woke up an hour and a half before the alarm.  I took time getting dressed, even lighting a candle and taking a pause.  I did a little puttering - emptying trash and straightening up.  Then i set some tea to steep, did a short prenatal yoga video and had my tea as i write this.

I feel very relaxed and ready to take on a day of cleaning, toddlers and sugar.

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