Thursday, July 16, 2015

Sleepy time

Had my 39 week midwife appointment today.  My blood pressure seems to be creeping up a little bit again, so I need to figure that out. The other issue that came up was my inability to get a good nights sleep. My wonderful midwife and gave me a whole list of things to try. She said the number one reason they have to transfer first time mother to the hospital it's for exhaustion.  Obviously I want to avoid that.

Half an hour before bed, which she suggested to be 830, I have to have a cup of chamomile tea and take a hot bath.  After 25 minutes in the tub, I need to take a combination of skullcap passionflower and St. John's wort tinctures.  

I also need to start taking evening Primrose in the morning and evening. This is to help my cervix get ready and soften.  

Having a bedtime makes me feel childish and silly. Especially one so early. It is now 8:29 and I feel so not ready for bed.

To manage the blood pressure I'm also supposed to be taking it easy. This gets me frustrated. I want to be doing I want to clean the kitchen floor.  

This is an opportunity for me to remember I can ask for help. I can tell my husband I need help. I can accept less than perfection.

I will play by the rules set for me. I want a healthy baby and healthy pregnancy. I've come too far to have these problems now.  

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