Friday, July 20, 2012

Spice jars are love

In process
Duncan is away for EAA Air Venture and thus I began my home projects to surprise him. Last night was using the Crate & Barrel spice jars (thank you 4+ year old gift card!) and my label maker to organize the spice cabinet.

See, I LOVE our spice cabinet.  It's a former ironing board cabinet in the kitchen, right across from the sink.  It is one of the reasons our kitchen feels so vintagey and cool.  That said, it's also totally awkward to fit everything in there.  The jars from most spice companies are small enough there is plenty of room on the shelf, but too big for two across.  Also, we don't always buy the same brands, so there are different dimensions to deal with, making stacking a challenge!
The current state of the cabinet

I'd look for one cinnamon, and have jars of cloves, pepper and sesame fall out.  Or Duncan would want cumin, and it not being immediately apparent, would purchase a second bottle.  And then a third.  (No lie, we have more cumin than a small country, and it's not a flavor i particularly enjoy!!!)

I ordered 3 dozen of these bottles, which were on sale for about $18 a dozen.  They feel heavy and solid, and the mechanisms feel secure.  The mouths are large enough i could get a stack of bay leaves into them, and i suspect most of my measuring spoons will have no trouble getting things out.  There are gaskets around each which seem to work well and ensure a good closure.

I think this week, if i have time, i will slip in a few more shelves so i don't need to actually keep them stacked.  I have also ordered a 3 dozen more, knowing we have more spices, and our collection will continue to grow, silly me and my enjoying time in the kitchen.
Zoomed in.  Sprinkles are a spice.

One of the things that did strike me is just how beautiful these things are.  The colors, textures and smells were just a wonderful thing to take in and enjoy.  Even with the grainy close up you can see the variety of colors involved.  I didn't realize until this exercise what a variety there is!  The store labels are so big they hide the beauty of what is inside.  The glass jars allow me to really see what i'm working with (as well as how much there is!).  I think it will help me become a better cook as i get to understand my ingredients better.

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