Friday, April 20, 2012

Eating the Moment, Activity 2 - Why am I about to eat?

This week's activity in Eating the Moment was to shift the question from "Why did i just eat?" to "Why am i about to eat?". I admit i didn't do this perfectly, and intend to continue trying to incorporate it into my routine.

Plenty of times the answer was "I'm hungry" but it definitely wasn't the only one. Sometimes it was about trying something new and tasty (like at the wedding), or how my cooking/baking was (like the failed GF rolls). I sometimes ate because i wasn't hungry exactly, but felt like i needed fuel, like after my morning run. And sometimes i think i felt as thirsty as i did hungry, but wanted to go for food instead of water. There were also some opportunities where i ate to fill my calorie needs more so than hunger. I need to not be so afraid of things. Eating more fruits & veggies is great, but they can't be the only thing i eat. I can eat something with more than 100 calories per serving and not explode. Really.

Sometimes i did choose to put something down and wait, because it was out of boredom or wanting to delay going back to work. Today was a great example. On the one hand, i was more productive, because i came back to the office without a stop at Dunkin Donuts. On the other hand, i'm back and the office earlier, and totally could have stopped without any negative consequences (it's sort of an unwritten rule about field work). 

Anyway, i'll keep working on it. Eating isn't just about bare nutrition or we'd of turned food into a pill. It's about pleasure and taste and so if the only reason i eat is pure hunger... well, it'll be missing all of those things. But there are bad reasons. Learning the difference between thirsty & hungry, or tired and hungry will help me in the long run take better care of myself as a whole, not just my waistline.

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